Tuesday, August 5, 2008

days go by...

I completely forgot today is Tuesday.  How funny is that?  I'm sure I had a holiday of sorts yesterday but it wasn't until a little while ago when I came to the stark realization that tomorrow is in fact Wednesday.  Where have the days gone? 

Today was a day that felt like any other day.  My friend Christiane is in the same boat as me and she says that since she stopped working, the days just seem to melt into one another.  This is indeed true.  If I didn't have a calendar, I would only know that yesterday was a holiday because there was hardly any traffic on the roads and there were a few stores closed.  

I can't wait for tomorrow.  I have things to do, places to be and best of all, I get a payment from Stephen Harper and his band of merry men!  I'm totally running out of food and I cannot wait to get some groceries.  For those of you who don't know, I get a big kick out of food.  Food isn't just something you concoct for the purpose of filling your stomach (that's what Kraft Dinner is for).  It's about flavours and colours and creating something new.  Cooking actually calms me down if I'm feeling stressed out.   I love to check out cookbooks and try different recipes.  See, I grew up in a house where we ate the same thing day in and day out except for when we threw these crazy dinner parties trying to act like high society.   Since leaving home, I realized there were other foods out there and I wanted to try them all!  Nowadays, I am feeling a big hungry.   Not hungry because  I haven't eaten in a few hours but because I couldn't afford food.  Come tomorrow, I'm gonna shop for food like chicks buy shoes.  Only one more sleep!

Perhaps the time has come for me to find work.  I'm running out of ways to amuse myself all day long, especially with a lack of cheddar.  Now that I think about it, if I had gone to the gym more often, I could have a rock-solid body right now.  Then again, no one would see it because it's been raining all the sodding time!  I went to the gym yesterday and it was packed, much to my amusement.  The cardio machines were maxed out and there were plenty of juice pigs to chuckle at.  That's it.  I have decided to get my parts to the gym more than once a week!  Why?  It gives me something to do!

While I was at the gym I met up with my former personal trainer Tyler.  We exchanged pleasantries then I embarrassingly confessed that I had gained all the weight he helped me to lose about 6 months ago.  He wasn't mad (guess he's heard that before) and asked me if everything was ok.  I said not really and I can't help it if plenteous amounts of KFC, chocolate almonds and red wine make me feel better.  He chuckled and he told me something that stuck in my mind. He said to remember these 2 things:
  1. Learn how to distinguish between a wish and a burning desire
  2. If you feel like you've made a mistake, learn from it.  This way the mistake turns into a learning experience to help you grow.
I didn't think Tyler had it in him!  I told him thank you for the wise words and made my way into the cardio area.

I had to think about what Tyler said whilst churning away on the elliptical machine.  There have been things that I've wished for in my life and there have also been things that have definitely been burning desires (okay, those desires too - I ain't gonna lie).   My burning desires are my dreams.  Who says I have to put my dreams aside?  No way.  I'm not gonna say what my dreams are just yet - I'm waiting to see if they come true or not.

Till then, today is on the brink of going down in history.  Was today a landmark day?  I'm sure it was for some people.  It was just another day for me.