Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I actually ran into a celebrity today - no word of a lie!  I almost ran headfirst into Leo Rautins!!  For those of you who are wondering who the blank Leo Rautins is, let me enlighten you.  He is the head coach for the national men's basketball team and he's an analyst for the Toronto Raptors.  Pretty cool, eh?  Wizzes on those who don't think it's cool.  Running into Leo Rautins is right up there with meeting Lenny Wilkens!  Now there's a basketball legend.  He even remembered my name after we met!  

Remember that chunk of Harper cheese I was supposed to get today?  Well, I did get it but only a fraction.  Turns out Dalton wasn't too keen on the fact that Stephen was hooking me up so Stephen had to take some of my cheese just to make Dalton happy.  Cha.  Why can't we all just share & share alike?  Coincidentally I did end up getting my big dirty bucket of chicken.  My apartment still has a hint of KFC in the air but that's OK.  It's like that lingering smell you get after you spray a wack of Febreze... either way, I find it soothing.  I'm sure once my life settles down somewhat I will wean myself off the KFCrack.  For now, along with chocolate, it'll do.  

So now I've got to do some juggling around with this little bit 'o government cheddar.   Food is still priority.  On pain of bill collector harassment, I will buy groceries.  Ain't no one gonna stop me from feeding my growing addiction to food!  I may be broke but I'll be fed!

As my computer is chock full of all kinds of malware, I had to break down and buy antivirus software.  In my mind, this is OK.  I need my computer to send out job applications and communicate to the world in some fashion... last thing I want to do is send out an application full of all kinds of crap.  Can you imagine?  It's actually happened to me before - some wingnut sent me an attachment infected with a worm and it nearly crashed my hard drive.  Needless to say, the wingnut was not considered further from the role.

I had all kinds of issues installing the software then finally, the stars aligned to make it work.  It's been scanning for a few hours now and so far there are 898 infected files on my computer.  Isn't that foul?!  As of this minute my computer is on lockdown.  No more sketchy downloads!  No more "Click here to find out more"!  As if this is taking this long.  Blast.  I wish my chair had a cushion - it's going to be a long evening.

With that said, I want to also voice my rant for the day - if that sodding woman is actually guilty of killing that poor 7-year-old girl, well... I can't even say it.  What is wrong with people today?  I can't stand watching the news anymore because it's all shooting this, stabbing that and rain, rain, rain.  Behave yourselves out there!