Saturday, August 2, 2008

I enjoy being a girl

Being a girl is just so much fun.  We get gifts every month!  Mine is a doozie.  Every month I turn into the spawn of Satan incarnate.  I breathe fire and will vanquish those who dare to cross my path.  I feel like fire and brimstone at this very moment.  As much as it would be cool to hang out someone, I know I wouldn't be any good company.  Right now I just want to be left alone.

These rage blackouts started several months ago.  Back then I would just cry at anything & everything.  Now I just need peace.  Kinda hard when you've got no food, no money and annoying neighbours.  I don't expect anyone to understand me when I'm in this state... hell, I don't expect anything from anyone.  Athena will take care of herself - she always has so why should anything change now?

There's nothing else for me to say at this time.  I'm going to find some way to amuse myself for the rest of the afternoon.